My Journey to Hasten Home (through the many faces of children’s ministry)

Jesus with boy and butterfly

Jesus, children, art, & computers--they all fit into God's plan for me in children's ministry.

I knew at a very young age that I loved Jesus.  I knew that I cared for children—even when I was still a child myself.  What I did not know was that the Lord was going to fit together all the pieces and equip me for children’s ministry.

The Christian journey is progressive.  With His divine foreknowledge, the Lord leads us step by step.  He never promised that we would be free from trials by choosing to follow Him–but He did promise that He will be with us always, even unto the end.

This is the story of how God directed my life into children’s ministry–Vacation Bible School and more.  The last link will direct you to some of my current trials, joys, and contemplations behind-the-scenes of Hasten Home.  (Note: The links will open in new tabs.)

How Hasten Home got its Name
The short version of the story


My Journey to Hasten Home, part 1
My version of “Technology 101”

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 2
Thinking of a career. It was a long time before I thought to consider what I liked to do as an option!

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 3
Motherhood, cockroaches, and a couple Persian cats—but God was beginning to fulfill my childhood dreams….

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 4
My husband “puts his foot down”; and I begin to see my place in children’s ministry.

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 5
A new state, a new church, a renewal of children’s ministry in our new, small congregation

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 6
Slowing down for a precious surprise

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 7
The Lord’s dreams become my own (hint: it has something to do with VBS!)

My Journey to Hasten Home, part 8
My own online store?! This is a long way from Technology 101! 🙂


The story is still being told….
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