Something for the Children #6: Flashlights

Spotlight being cranked by hand, giving dim light

Flashlights Do you like flashlights?  They can come in pretty handy—especially if they work!  We own a rechargeable spotlight.  It is quite heavy for a flashlight, and it has a whole bunch of those little white LED lights that work … CLICK to continue…

Something for the children #4: God is Good scrambled words

"What is God like?" word scramble puzzle

What is God like?  You may print out the scrambled words puzzle by right-clicking on it and selecting “Print picture”.  This puzzle is based on Exodus 34:6 from the King James Version of the Bible.

Something for the Children #3: Winter Word Search

Winter word search puzzle

*Winter Word Search* Pretty soon, winter is going to turn into spring.  Winter is cold where I live.  What is winter like where you live?  How many of these things that God has made have you seen this winter? See … CLICK to continue…

Something for the Children #2: Some Odd Buds

Some Odd Buds

Some Odd Buds Last night as we slept, snow fell at our house.  By morning, there was about a two-inch thick, beautiful, white blanket all over the yard.  Have you had snow at your house? Sometimes when it snows, it … CLICK to continue…