Are you your Father’s I.D.?

father and son

They say, “Like father, like son.” These are two of my special guys. 🙂 Are you your Father’s I.D.?

Sitting at lunch after church this week, someone commented (I think half to me, half to anyone else at the table), “He looks just like his daddy, doesn’t he?”  It is a comment that I have heard more times than I can count, and it was in reference to my two-year-old son.

The previous week, a couple whom my husband has befriended through work visited our church to speak.  Upon seeing my teenaged daughter with my little boy, the wife said, “You must be Tom’s wife!”

My daughter said, “No, I’m his daughter.”  The friend said she knew the boy had to be his!

My older son has had more than his share of the comments in his nearly seventeen years, as well.  It is such a predictable response from people that my husband has a habit of teasingly introducing his boy with, “This is my son–he looks nothing like me!”

The resemblance is not just in the boys, though.  Even with the girls, people will tell my husband, “You can’t deny these children!”

This week, when the comment was made about my little boy, my mind went back to another particular incident some years ago.

My husband drives a big van for work.  It is equipped to carry people in wheelchairs and on gurneys, in non-emergency situations.  At the time, he was parking the van after work at one of the assisted living facilities in town and using his personal car to drive to and from the van when he was off work.

Well, one time, I was going to leave my vehicle at the facility and pick up his car for errands.  (I think my vehicle may have been acting up, and he was more comfortable with him alone driving it, as opposed to me with our three children.)

Anyway, we had not pre-planned the trade-off; so my husband left his keys with the person at the front desk in the assisted living facility.  He told my son to go in and tell the person up front whose son he was, and that they would give him the keys.

Later that day my son went in after the keys, but he barely had a chance to say, “I’m Jonathon, Tom’s–” before the front-desk people were interrupting him with, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We know–you’re Tom’s son.  Here you go.”

His existence was proof enough that he was his father’s son.

That got me thinking.

Is my existence proof enough that I am my Father‘s child?  The Bible says, that we are a letter that all men can read and know.  Today, we might say, each of us is an “open book”.

People are reading our lives, whether we realize it or not.  We were made in God’s image.  I believe that means that our physical features resemble His…but it goes so much deeper.

What really counts is whether our characters resemble His.

On Sinai, the Lord passed by Moses and proclaimed His name:

And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth….

The Edeliant children did not have a say in whose name they would carry, yet people have made it clear that their very existence is evidence that they are part of the family.

We as Christians have chosen our name.  Our Father invites us to be part of His family, and we accept.  As part of the deal, He has promised to write His law–the representation of His holy character–on our hearts.

In plain and simple terms, this means that as the Holy Spirit works in our lives, we actually want to do God’s will.  We begin to think like Him, we find joy in making choices that He would make…

We become evidence to the world of His existence.

Are you your Father’s I.D.?  As Christians, we have accepted this call.  May we be faithful in this, our awesome privilege and duty.


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    • Hi, Yulia. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I think it helps to remember that “it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13). Yes, He has high expectations of us–but He is the one who is going to fulfill the expectations….It is just an awesome thought to me! 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing this with me. I agree, it has a message similar to mine… definitely the same heart behind it. I especially liked: “As part of the deal, He has promised to write His law–the representation of His holy character–on our hearts.”
    Great story behind it too.

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