Bicycle (Life) Lessons, pt. 3

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I was excited about reaching home--but that pales in comparison to the joy awaiting us when we reach Heaven!

I love the way the Lord has lessons to share with us through simple experiences in our lives.  I had lots of time to think during my bike trip to town with my son, Jonathon.  If you have missed the first few lessons, be sure to check out Bicycle (Life) Lessons, part 1 and part 2!

I intentionally saved one of the most critical lessons for last…

#5 Treasure the one who knows the way

There is always a certain amount of uncertainty with the unkown future. When I went on that first bicycle ride to town with Jonathon, he had already made the trip many times before me. He and his sister, Samantha, had shared some of their experiences with me.

However, hearing someone else’s story and making it your own are two very different things.

Before we left, Jonathon gave me an overview of what lie ahead. Basically, we would have ups and downs all the way, but the first half of the trip would have the bulk of the downhill stretches, while the return trip would have more uphill.

As we rode along, Jonathon was often well ahead of me. Every so often, he would stop at a good spot and give me a more specific rundown on the road just ahead of us.

“We like to stop here because there is a nice downhill slope coming up.” “This next hill is going to be short, but rather steep. Then we take a break.” “Okay, this is the long hill. It will be about two miles of uphill. That one took strength–this one takes endurance.”

And so he would encourage me.

The thing I had to remember was:

#6 Keep the goal in mind—but concentrate where you are at.

I knew where we were headed. I also knew it was well over four miles each way.

Unfortunately,  I could never do anything about the many hills ahead. In fact, I could not do much about the hundreds of feet in front of me, either.

The one place I could make a difference was in the moment and place where I was right then.

The miles behind were conquered.

The miles ahead were out of my control.

The pavement beneath my tires was all that my present effort would add to the conquered miles. And so, by setting small goals and reaching for them, I finally reached the ultimate goal.

#7 Drink your water…

Muscle fuel. That’s what I call it.

Jonathon brought two bottles of water for me. He instructed me that I would drink one on the way to town and the other on the way back.

At first, it seemed a lot for him to ask of me! But I drank a little…then at the next stop, I drank some more. I had no problem finishing the first bottle when we stopped at the post office in town.

And the return trip was more intense. I drank my water!

#8 And breathe deeply.

At the peak of our first uphill stretch, we paused for a break–and I found myself dizzy. I quickly realized it was not going to be good enough to just concentrate on pedaling, if I was forgetting to breathe!

Breathing deeply is like the water: muscle fuel.

#9 You will make it home!

Jonathon was confident in me, so I pressed on. I claimed Scripture promises, took the trip one step–or one pedal–at a time. Finally, even the two-mile stretch of uphill climb was conquered, and I found myself coasting down the final downhill stretch that would take us to our driveway. And you know what is at the end of our driveway, right? Home!

We will make it home, friend! God has promised. “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

Let us keep our eyes on the One who has gone this way before, and treasure His guidance. Let us drink fully of the Well of Salvation and breathe deeply of the Holy Spirit. Be filled! Be strong! And Hasten Home!

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