Father, be his Light

"Father, be his light." (Tom & Sheila by his big rig)

Don’t pray a prayer unless you are willing to be part of the answer!

The knock on the door of my hubby’s big, red rig came early that morning*.

“Pull over to the bay and you can unload early… we’ll get you out of here.” He was right on it.

He pulled the truck around the big cold-storage warehouse. I was still lying in the sleeper bed, reading my daily Bible plan on my YouVersion Bible app.

It was dark. The layout of the lot was awkward. (For those familiar with the world of trucking: it forced a “blind-side back” at a far-less-than-convenient angle. For those not so familiar with trucking: just know this was tough!) And hubby was having trouble backing.

I can’t see a thing! There’s no beacon here.”

I prayed. “Father, provide him a guiding light.”

No sooner had the prayer escaped my lips than hubby said, “You’re gonna have to get dressed and guide me.” I dressed immediately, acutely aware that God had seen fit to use me to answer my own prayer.

TJ kept trying, and I wondered a bit if he was going to get it after all. Then he said, “Grab that big flashlight and get out.” He gave me a mini crash-course on guiding, and off we went. I was the guiding light in my prayer.

The thick pre-dawn atmosphere clung to me like a cold sweat.

I was definitely an imperfect guiding light. I know virtually nothing about backing a trailer.

I was the one who, years ago, the worker at the dump finally told, “Don’t worry about it — just go ahead and unload” after my countless attempts to straighten our little trailer still left me cockeyed — and taking up about three parking spaces. Yeah.

And yet the Lord saw fit to use me to direct an 18-wheeler.

I did my best. It was turning out that the one key maneuver we needed a sign for… we had no sign for. Hubby was getting increasingly frustrated. I knew he was a good backer, but this was a just-plain-odd situation.

I was praying for peace, courage, perseverance.

After while, another trucker pulled up. She hopped out and did her best to counsel my hubby in this difficult backing… and still the trailer was just not squaring up to the building.

The Lord’s own light was beginning to rise on the foggy horizon.

Apparently TJ was not the first one to struggle with this spot. An hour or so from the first attempt, the worker from the facility finally came out and told him it was good enough.

I was an imperfect light. I gave it my all, and the Lord sent other help along the way. But I tell you what, don’t pray a prayer unless you are prepared to be part of the answer!

When you pray, Lord, grant him courage, prepare to be the Lord’s mouth as He shares an encouraging word.

When you pray, Father, provide their needs, prepare to be His hands, drawing from the store He has placed in your control.

When you pray, Father, be her comfort, prepare to be His shoulder to gather her tears.

When you pray, Father, be his Light, pray also: Father, shine through me.

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