Hasten Home This Week: My new camera

This week, I have been enjoying the challenge of a camera upgrade.  My “new” Fuji-film FinePix S700 may not be the top of the top, but it is an exciting upgrade for me.  I am especially appreciating the fact that it has several times the optical zoom capability of my former helper, plus it includes a “super macro” setting for extreme close-up shots.  I am finding it is quite capable of catching beautifully clear images!

tiny green bug on yellow dandelion flower

Tiny bugs...

Sunday, I spent some time outside with my children, experimenting with my camera.  I thoroughly enjoy hunting for treasures that God has “hidden” for us in nature.  There are tiny bugs and towering trees, colorful flowers and drab soil, rocks that stand still and children that are everywhere, it seems!

It is going to take some time to get all these interesting settings figured out on my new tool; but I have no doubt that it is going to be a great asset to Hasten Home, both as an aid in preparing great product photos for you all to enjoy browsing and as a significant contributor to upcoming sets of Vacation Bible School materials.

Blue sky and clouds between tall trees

...and towering trees!

The camera’s work will be making its debut in print shortly as it arrived just in time to help with some of the finishing touches on the Craft Leader’s Handbook for VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey; and if you have been following the Hasten Home blog, you may have already noticed yesterday’s photo on “The Smile Experiment 🙂“.

Certainly, there will be more to come!

Until Next Time,

Sheila 🙂

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