Hasten Home This Week: 3 powerful things

This week I have experienced the power in three simple things: obedience, accountability, and encouragement.

Last week I told you about my tough decision regarding our extensive line of bedding basics.  Once I was sure of how the Lord was leading me in the matter, I followed His lead.  Have you experienced what happens once you take the step He is asking of you?

There are two things, actually: 1) You have the peace from being in line with His will; and 2) The next step becomes clear.  It is awesome!

So this week, I am excited to have in mind (and on paper) some next steps for Hasten Home…and this is where the next simple power comes in: accountability.

For one, living daily and moment by moment as if we truly believe that we are accountable to God for all we have and are, makes a remarkable difference in how we act, what we say–and even how we think and feel.

Secondly, being accountable to our self daily really helps make faster progress toward goals.  I have been doing this by writing down my short-term goals and each evening writing down a few small, specific steps that I can take the next day to work toward those goals.

Then–and this has been key for me–the next day, I actually write down the non-routine tasks that I do that day.  This answers the question, “What did I do all day?” but it also helps me focus.

I choose a task and think, “What will I write to describe this task once it is complete?”  That simple step gives me the motivation to stay on track and avoid distractions that would not fulfill the task at hand.

Then when I write down “update business profiles across web”, for example, it is because I stuck with that task and it is done (or at least as done as it can be for the day).

Then, and only then, do I move on.

The final power I experienced this week was that of encouragement–encouragement given, encouragement received.  The more the better, especially since the enemy is out to get every one of us.

I have a specific story to share, but that will be on Sunday! 🙂

For now, let’s continue to Hasten Home…Our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed!

–Sheila 🙂


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