Hasten Home This Week: Back at my desk

Happy Friday!  This week I was privileged to be in some unusual (for me) places with some special people I don’t get to see too often.  As vacations tend to do (and I suppose that is half the point), this getaway limited my progress on VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey for a few days.  On the other hand, it was a refreshing break and gave me a lot of fun opportunities for photos that I simply would not be able to get at home!

close-up of green plants

This one makes a nice wallpaper. You may click on the picture to get the full-size version to save on your own computer.

Back at my desk full-time now, I am really pushing in the final-countdown, let’s-get-it-done mode.  I recently came across a book called “Leave the Office Earlier” that has inspired me with some ideas for organizing my tasks a bit differently than I have been.  The result so far is truly increased productivity with less stress.  I will probably share some of what I have learned later on, as it could really be beneficial to anyone with big tasks to accomplish–and Vacation Bible School certainly qualifies as a big task! 🙂

I am looking forward to the release of VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey and doing my very best to have it out before June is up!  Keep your eyes open for it–it should be a real blessing!

–Sheila 🙂

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