Hasten Home This Week: Deadlines

Deadlines bring challenges–that is a fact of life.  I have learned two things to help reduce the stress of the challenge: 1) Keep connected with God, making sure you are in line with His will and claiming His peace; 2) Plan ahead as much as possible and follow your plan for the day.  (When #2 falls through, check back in with #1!)

This week has been a bit crazy.  The enemy is doing his best to “throw wrenches” into the workings of the schedule for VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey, but I know full well that Jesus loves these children more than you or I ever could, for He is love and the source of it.  By His grace and power, VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey will be ready to go before June is over.  I appreciate your prayers!

Also, remember that between now and June 15, down comforter bedding sets are on sale at Hasten Home.  These are great as gifts that will last!

(Edit: Please note: As of September 23, 2011, as part of our move to concentrate more on Vacation Bible School, comforter bedding sets  will no longer be available from Hasten Home.)

Now, back to work for me…

Sheila 🙂

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