Hasten Home This Week: Countless hours counting down!

Another week has flown by.  VBS-The Land of Milk & Honey is getting very close to completion.  The “Task List” has gotten very short–making it quite encouraging to look at!

I have been using the tactic of grouping similar tasks as much as possible.  It really helps get a flow going, increasing the speed of progress, as well as eliminating much of the time and effort required to switch between jobs requiring different tools, thought processes, or locations.  This is a concept that could really be applied to nearly any large job or set of duties–and Vacation Bible School certainly applies as a large job!

I am hoping within the next two work-days to finish up the lesson worksheets.  Countless hours have gone into studying, brainstorming, planning, snapping photos, drawing, and inking in drawings.  Yesterday, I scanned another large batch of artwork–nearly the end of it for this year.  Now what remains is largely arranging all of the work into attractive, finished worksheets for the children to learn with and enjoy.  This step tends to go rather quickly.

I am sure that before long, I will be jumping up, saying, “Done!  Praise the Lord!”


Sheila 🙂

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