Hasten Home This Week: Stealing hours?

Another week is about to close.  The finishing touches on VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey are taking longer than expected, but every step is a step closer.  I have not given up hope that it will be ready before June is up!

Every day, I must remind myself that the Lord does not give us more than we can handle, so it would make no sense for me to take on so much in a day that I become stressed out and fretful.  Years ago, it occurred to me, too, that working hours into the night only steals from the next day twice the hours I thought I had gained–it is just not worth it.  As I work for the Lord, I must watch that it stays an expression of my love for Him; for what point is there to an endless round of busyness?  As He bade me this morning, He asks us to “Be still and know” that He is God.

So as we press onward toward the Promised Land, let us be sure that God has first place in our lives–even above our work for Him–then we can go forward in confidence that every step is one step closer to Heaven!

Hasten Home!

Sheila 🙂

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