Hasten Home This Week: A Blessing in Blessing

This morning I received a blessing in blessing.  I was up early, working on Vacation Bible School materials for VBS—The Land of Milk & Honey.  When I have a chunk of time free from my precious toddler, I try to choose projects that cannot be done when he is playing around my workspace.  This time that meant taking care of some pencil drawings, preparatory for pen and ink later.

I drank my glass of water, then drew the next glass and drank it down, as well.  Then I made my template for the Kindie’s fourth commandment worksheet.  At that point, I remembered I had been in need of a drawing of some money; so that is where I went next.  I gathered up my monetary props, laying out the bill and the coins on a white sheet of paper on a clipboard.  As the sun had not come up yet, the one light in the room made very nice, crisp shadows.  I was satisfied, and set to work drawing.

dollar bill and nickel

Later, my youngest daughter enjoyed photographing my props. 🙂

I was struggling with this “assignment”.  I got my basic shapes down, but then it occurred to me that I was having a proportion issue.  Drawing for decades apparently does not automatically exempt you from struggles at times!

About that time, my little sweetie woke up, asking to nurse.  I figured I could take a break for a few minutes, but I kept a careful eye on my props to be sure they did not get tipped over or shaken.  Meanwhile, the beautiful sun came up.  My nice, crisp shadows were blurred; but not to worry, I had the outlines of the old shadows all drawn out already.

When baby was done nursing, he said “Play?”

I asked, “You would like to play?” and he responded with his cheerful toddler version of “yes”.

I said “Okay—you may play,” thinking, “Cool; I can get this sketch finished real quick…”

But then he said “Sit?”, pulling on me a bit.  In other words, “Will you sit with me and play?”  I thought about my props, and with a quick prayer that the Lord would watch over them, agreed to come play with my little one.

We sat and played “puppies” for a while, which he seemed to greatly enjoy.  When I decided I had better get back to work, my little guy told me he wanted me to play with him all day!  I still thought I had better get back to work.

Anyway, I had just got up and started tracing a portion of my previous work to try to straighten up my proportion problem, when my little sweetie thought he would like to hold my clipboard.  Of course, you know what happened in the process: all my props fell to the floor.

“Oh, that is just what I was afraid of!”  But thanks to the Holy Spirit, I kept my peace.  (Never start your day without Him!)  I finished up my tracing and picked up my props.  Then using my drawing as a reference, I did my best to align the bill and each coin the same way it had been before.  Sitting down to draw again, I had a beautiful surprise:  something about the change in angle of my chair or something—I don’t really even know, for sure what—made everything line up just perfectly!  I had prayed for God to watch over my props.  No doubt He did—not the way I expected, but just the way I truly needed!

In blessing, I was blessed.  God is good. 🙂

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