Hasten Home this Week: construction ahead!

This has been a packed week for sure!  First thing, my husband figured out a way to solve my greatest computer woes.

I am so grateful for his thoughtfulness and the time he spent to get my computer running properly and accepting critical program updates.  Now all my programs are cooperating with each other, I have my favorite browser back, and I can even print directly to my own computer!  Awesome–God is so good! 🙂

I have been learning a lot this week that should help me make Hasten Home an even more inviting place to visit.  I am eager to implement several (probably major) changes to our blog and store

…So watch out for construction ahead!

I apologize ahead of time for any temporary inconvenience this will cause, and I will let you know as I get the specifics figured out–but when we get done, it should be very nice.

We also finished our second YouTube video this week.  We are learning as we go, and it has (mostly, at least!) been a lot of fun.  Definitely a faith-building experience.

But that comes as no surprise.  Any time we step forward for Jesus, Satan is there to try to block the way.  “Try” is all it will ever be, though, if we just hang on tight to the Lord!

I will put the video here, in case you would like to watch it.  In this video, called “Vacation Bible School Curriculum”, I share a little of my story along with some tips that I hope you will find useful as you consider your own church’s plan for Vacation Bible School.

Stay strong, and Hasten Home!

–Sheila 🙂

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