Hasten Home this week: Lack of rain?

raindrops clinging to dry seed pods on a bush

Just when all seems cold and dry...it begins to rain!

Just yesterday, I was talking about the cold, dry season we have been having.  Then last evening, it began to pour.

We just never know what God has in store for us, or when.  What we do know, though, is that He has promised to supply all of our needs; and He has assured us that, trusting fully in Him, our salvation is secure.  (See Philippians 4:19 and Acts 16:31.)

As usual, I have been fighting the computer battle… Perhaps it is a necessary lesson on patience.  Or perhaps it is a reminder that I cannot control the outcome of my efforts.  I may have everything all planned out, but it is God’s hand that allows plans to be set into action.  That is okay, though, because I also know that He cares more about the precious children than you or I ever could.

If our hearts are aching to see children at peace, eagerly awaiting the coming of our Great King, there is no doubt that God feels the same way–only multiplied.

So, week by week and day by day, I pray and press forward.  I write when I can; I plan and work on the next steps for Hasten Home as the Lord makes my way plain; I pray for my own precious children–and myself that I may be a faithful undershepherd to this little flock that is nearest to my influence.

I long to see all children everywhere standing in the loving presence of Jesus.  But I am only one.  So I pick up the work in front of me and press forward–nay, onward and upward!

I believe that is what God expects of us: obey today and leave the results with Him.

So, even when it looks like a cold, dry season, we can know the sound of abundant rain is just ahead!

Hasten Home, friends!

~Sheila 🙂

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