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December 2, 2011

This week I read a post on mylifeismyrainbow at wordpress.com.  The post, entitled “A Family = A Team“, got me thinking.  I would like to tell you about the support team behind Hasten Home.

In ministry and in business–and in life, for that matter–we come against many an obstacle.  What a blessing to have someone to lean on when we are in the midst of the battle.

Let me just introduce to you some special people who inspire, encourage, and help me.  They are there for me when I am in the midst of leading out Vacation Bible School, working on Vacation Bible School lesson stories, or drawing illustrations for a children’s bedtime book.

They are there when I am struggling with my health and fighting sadness over not having the strength I wish I had to devote to these things.

They are there to encourage me to share a blessing from God with the world–even if that means pushing myself to new limits in knowledge with web sites and “domains” and “hosting” and “html” and all that technical stuff!

While in reality, the individuals on my support team fill many support roles, I will try to give you an idea where each person has made the strongest impact on Hasten Home.


Tom, as most people call him, is my husband.  He has been in my life more than he has not been, as we were teenagers in high school when my family moved in next door to his over two decades ago. 🙂  He is ever supportive of me and Hasten Home.

Tom is the one who rallied all his friends to show their support of Hasten Home when we first started our Facebook page.  (By the way, if you have not “liked” Hasten Home on Facebook yet, now is a great time!)  He is the one whose constant encouragement (“I know you can do this,” and “The Lord is on your side.”) keeps me strong when I am tempted to get discouraged.

He is the one who stands ready to give me the moon if he could and thought it would somehow help this ministry and business of mine!  (Actually, he is the one who gave me his desktop computer because it is so much faster than my old laptop–and has a huge memory capacity in comparison.  Right this moment, and every single day, I make hours of use of this much-appreciated gift.)


Jonathon is my eldest child and recently earned his GED and moved on to concentrating on his career training.  I like to say he is my critic–that is, he has an eye for things that look or sound odd and is perfectly willing to give his opinion when I ask him for it.  Being definitely gifted in photography, Jonathon gives me pointers as I seek to better my own photography skills.

He is constantly on the look-out for ways to help more people hear about Hasten Home, too–and especially points out our Vacation Bible School materials!


Samantha is my second child.  You may recognize her name because she is the one most likely to be involved with helping me type or format documents, such as Vacation Bible School worksheets, and this is where a huge portion of my work is.  Samantha is probably the most available of my human support team, and willingly helps me with quick or tedious tasks like updating web links or looking over one of my newly revised web pages.

Other times, she is the one most likely to offer to take little brother outside to play while I ink in some drawings for a Vacation Bible School coloring page or do some other task that might be easily ruined by a curious toddler.

The “little ones”

My youngest daughter is currently Vacation Bible School age.  This makes her input critical in testing our Vacation Bible School worksheets and stories.  She is very willing to help with these tasks.

Being a naturally very loving child, she passes out abundant hugs and shoulder rubs, too.  Sometimes those make the difference in whether I can stand to work or not when I am up against a lot of pain.

She is still learning that even doing her share of the chores cheerfully or playing with baby brother is a great help.

And then there is little brother, who brings cheer by his energetic personality and funny toddler ways–and reminds me that family must come first.

The extended team

My support team does not stop at home.

My siblings, though far away, cheer me on from afar.  My grandparents have always believed in me.  I also have a dear friend who always stands ready with godly wisdom, a listening ear, and an unhesitating prayer.

And of course, you are very important to Hasten Home.  Your comments on the blog and on Facebook, your “likes” and your “tweets”, and your purchases that make it possible for Hasten Home to continue–all of these mean a lot to me, and I appreciate your support.

The Ultimate Support

This leads us to the key that holds my entire support team together: our loving Heavenly Father.  By His Holy Spirit, He is the power behind all of our true successes.  He is the force that drives me on.  His word is my ultimate guide.  He would be there even if every one of my earthly supports were at once removed–but I thank Him for giving them to me.

Who is on your support team?  What are some of the most important ways they help you in your ministry?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Until next time…

Hasten Home!

Sheila 🙂


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