Hasten Home this Week: not quite as planned…but that’s okay

This has been one of those weeks that just does not go quite as planned, but at its close I am thankful that the Lord is continually by my side.  I may not have done everything that I hoped or planned to get done, but I did get something done–and I am happy about that.

I am thinking that it would only be right to uncategorize myself as a “Post-a-day” blog participant, only because in actuality I am more of a “Post-a-most-days” blogger. 🙂

That will only be a technical change, though.  You can expect updates to the Hasten Home blog at about the same frequency it has been, which is usually five to seven times a week.

Sometimes we just have to acknowledge the limitations of ourselves and our circumstances, and do the best we can with it.  But I refuse to give up pressing higher!  I am excited about how the Lord has led this far and eager to press on.

One big accomplishment this week was the completion of getting our new YouTube channel set up and the posting of our first YouTube video.  Although you would not exactly call it “professional” quality (we are working with some pretty basic equipment), I hope the videos are a blessing.

This first video is a very basic introduction to the focus of Hasten Home: bringing the children to Jesus.

Next week, we hope to have a little nature video up for the children–and adults–to enjoy.  My son, Jonathon, has been busy at work on that one.

You can find our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/HastenHome.

I am also hoping to have those bookmarks up in the Hasten Home store before day’s end.  So far, so good this morning.  I am one of those people who has to lay out every little step for myself, or risk getting lost in a “to-do”.

So I finally took that “Put bookmarks in store” on my list and broke it down into a page full of short instructions.  A bit extreme for some, I know; but I am not so overwhelmed when I look at that long list of easy steps as when I look at a short list with no clear directions.  (Maybe that will be helpful to someone else out there, too.)

The last big accomplishment for this week is some major progress on a book that I am working on for the children.  I will tell you more about that later on, so be looking for it!

For now, I had better get back to work!

–Sheila 🙂


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    • I appreciate the encouragement. God is good. I will be telling more about the book soon, but for now it is a surprise I am trying really hard to keep! My seven-year-old is urging me along because she is eager to have her copy, too. 🙂

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