Hasten Home This Week: streamlining the blog

Have you noticed the changes we made to the Hasten Home blog this week?  They are not very big, but I think they will be helpful.

First of all, there is now a “subscribe by email” button directly below the search box in the side bar on the right-hand side of each page.  Have you signed up yet?  If not, you probably should do it now before you forget! 😉

I am sure you will not be disappointed!

There are also some changes in the header across the top of the page.  Our “Something for the Children” stash has been growing week by week and it was due for some further organizing.  So now when you hover over the “Something for the Children” category in the header, you will see several sub-categories that you may choose from.  I hope you will check it out; and if you are a parent, VBS Leader, or other adult in children’s ministry: be sure to share the Hasten Home blog with the children!

On a quick side note, I realize that it can be a trick in some browsers to get the activity sheets and coloring pages to print at their intended size of one full page.  I am considering making these available as PDF files before too long in an attempt to keep the results consistent and easier to get, so that is something else “in the works” right now.

Besides “Something for the Children”, I updated the “Vacation Bible School” header link, as well, now having links directly to Vacation Bible School tips articles and posts filed under “encouragement and inspiration”.

So whether you are looking for a boost to your courage, a fun idea to inspire the children’s faith, or some guidance on VBS, it should be easier now to find just what you need.

Let me know what you think.  Do you like it?  Are there other categories that you wish were directly in the header?

Keep courage!  Be inspired! and let’s Hasten Home!

Until next time,

Sheila 🙂


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