Hasten Home this Week: the bookmarks are done!

Cutting the Color-in Bookmarks on the paper cutter

The bookmarks, almost done!

It’s about time! 🙂  The bookmarks are finally ready, and we are very excited about how they turned out.

I have had the drawings done for a while, but ran into all kinds of difficulties along the way to getting the project finished.  Yesterday, though, it was very encouraging to be working with two of my children to package the completed bookmarks.

My seven-year-old thought it was great fun to keep me supplied with packages, and my oldest did a beautiful job with the shrink wrap.

The one last step was to get them in the store, which was completed this morning!  You should go to our store and check out the finished bookmarks–I think you will like them.

We also had two other nice accomplishments this week.

Yesterday I was able to attend an online webinar given by Lewis Howes, Amy Porterfield, and Sean Malarkey.  My children watched and listened in with me, and we picked up some great social media pointers.

The webinar got us thinking about some ideas that could be put to use right away.  So as most of us were working on the bookmarks, my fifteen-year-old daughter was busily going to work to spruce up our Facebook fan page.  It still needs a bit of tweaking to work out a few bugs, but it is looking nice!

Finally, I have been contemplating for a long time how to make it so that our free children’s printables would print consistently for you.  (Different browsers handle the images differently, which led to some people getting only a fraction of the image on their page, some getting the whole image shrunk to a tiny fraction of the page, and the “lucky” few getting a nice printout…Not the results I was after!)

Anyway, I finally decided to move all the printouts to PDF format, which can be read with the common program Adobe Reader.  It took a bit of doing, but the doing is done, and the result is predictable printables from the Hasten Home blog!  Yay! 🙂

If you have not done it yet, you might like to follow the link at the top of each of our blog’s pages to Something for the Children, and see what we’ve got for you!

It looks like, all in all, this was a very profitable week.  Praise the Lord!

Hasten Home!

Sheila 🙂


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