Hasten Home This Week: The “Business” Part of the Business

This week has been filled with a lot of prayer regarding the future of Hasten Home.  On one hand, I am seriously thinking that the Lord is leading me to narrow the scope of the store a bit in order to better concentrate on our specialty, Vacation Bible School materials.

On the other hand, He is giving me ideas for expansion: possibilities of some related items that Hasten Home could offer its customers, as well as reminding me of a few unfinished projects that I have started in years past and for one reason or another just never quite completed.

Vacation Bible School Materials: VBS--The Land of Milk & HoneyBeing temporarily free from the intense schedule of creating a new set of Vacation Bible School materials, I recognized this as a good time to check out some other social networks.  So now you may follow Hasten Home on Twitter for brief updates, Bible trivia, child ministry tips, and more.

Additionally, I spent quite a bit of time in (self-directed, online) “home school” this week, continuing my education on the “business” aspects of doing business.

There are some very helpful people out there who seem to be helping many others reach their dreams.  Melinda Emerson (aka @SmallBizLady) is one of those people.  One of the great posts I read from her this week is 10 Bible Verses Every Small Business Owner Needs.

Of course, as I have said before, Hasten Home is not just a business; Hasten Home is people “looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God” by sharing His love with the children around us.  The business is just part of the journey, so I will continue to pray as we Hasten Home!

–Sheila 🙂


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    • You are very welcome, Melinda. I have to agree, as I have personally been blessed by your work. May the Lord continue to lead each one of us…all the way home! 🙂

      I appreciate you stopping by!

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