Hasten Home this week: YouTube…and joy!

Well, this week I have learned something new, as I try my hand at amateur video production.  Those words sound a wee bit too fancy for what I am doing, but I think they are an accurate choice….

Anyway, we thought it would be fun and helpful to make YouTube videos to share tidbits of information related to Vacation Bible School.

We are even thinking of doing some simple music videos at some point–maybe as a bonus for customers who have purchased a VBS program from Hasten Home, to make it easier to learn the memory verse songs.

For now, though, I am working on the finishing touches for our first informational video.  Our limited-capability equipment has left its marks on the creation, but I think it will be fun anyway, and I am eager for it to be done.

This first video demanded more than its fair share of time for figuring out how to do basic editing, but that should improve for future videos!

Just talking about Vacation Bible School and how we can bring the children to Jesus gets me so excited!  I was reminded this week that that simple fact is one among several that tell us we are on the right track in our service for the Lord.

Specialgathering has a great post on this subject over at their blog.  The name of the post is “When to say ‘Yes’“.  When to say “No” is often such a battle in our lives that we often pass right by the awesome joy in knowing when to say “Yes”!  This article is worth a read!

Obstacles will be there, but sensing God’s blessing on our journey makes each step a joy!

Hasten Home!

–Sheila 🙂

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