Hasten Home This Week: A peek behind-the-scenes

toddler with mom at computer
Me taking a moment to talk with my little one. 🙂

I thought perhaps it would be of interest to our readers to post a tidbit on the current goings on of Hasten Home “behind the scenes”.  As I have said recently, things got a bit crazy with our unexpected move, but we are getting settled into our new home (for the most part!).  It is beautiful and sunny, two things we are all very much enjoying.

girl typing on laptop computer at dining table

Busily formatting text!

My eldest daughter, Samantha, made me an offer I could not refuse; so she has been helping me with some miscellaneous computer work: formatting text, adding headers and footers, and even creating a few worksheets.  Thanks, Samantha!

Things are a bit behind, but coming along with hard work and prayer.  I am excited about the upcoming VBS—The Land of Milk & Honey, and I hope some of you are, too!

hands drawing with pencil on paper

As for our internet, we have the satellite hooked up, but there still seem to be some issues.  As we know how to run computers, but none of us are experts at diagnostics, we have been long in puzzling over the matter.  So if you have noticed the inconsistency in getting the daily blog posts linked from Facebook, please forgive me. 🙂

This would be a good time to mention, as well: I could use some more children to interview regarding their experience with VBS.  All who have done the interview so far have commented that it was fun; so I think I can safely say, “It should be fun!”  Just send me a note with “interview” in the subject line, or call Hasten Home at 541-450-9525.  Let me know the best way to contact you and if you have a preferred time for an interview, and we will get it set up!


–Sheila 🙂

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