How Hasten Home Got its Name

Hasten Home may still be in its infancy, but the journey it represents is soon to reach maturity.

All my life I have had a special love for children.  Even as a child myself, I was always finding ways to interact with and help the “little ones”.  When we played, “school” was often the game of choice, and I was the teacher.  Two of my favorite afternoon money-making opportunities were tutoring and babysitting.  For “Community Experience” in junior high school, I volunteered with my best friend as a kindergarten classroom assistant.

Meanwhile, my love for Jesus was growing, as well.  Through my family and many other godly men and women, I was getting to know my Precious Savior–and I wanted others to know Him, too.  I can recall doing my best to make sure my classmates in kindergarten knew who Jesus is and what they needed to do to be part of His Heavenly Kingdom.

“As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined”; and all the bending of this little twig was leaning towards children’s ministry.

In late 2010, doors were opening for me to officially start my own little business.  It was my desire to share a few things that would help make home here a pleasant, inviting place to be; but even more importantly, it became apparent that this was the opportunity many had been praying for for me–a way to share my Vacation Bible School materials with the world!

Of course, if you intend to officially start a business, you have to give it a name.  This turned out to be one of the hard parts.

My family helped me brainstorm for days.  We thought of childish words like “strawberries” and “starlight”.  We thought of homey words like “pleasant”, “cozy”, and “refuge”.  Sometimes we were quite attached to our ideas, but with some searching online, I would find that the name was already associated with something or someone.

One evening, I sat at the computer looking up our name ideas, only to find one after another that, no, that one was not original either….

I was running out of ideas.

Then my daughter saved the day.  “How about ‘Hasten Home’?” she casually suggested.

“Yes!  That’s it!”  I knew it.  It had to be available.  It was perfect!  So I looked it up in all the ways I knew how, and praise the Lord, it was available!

Hasten (hay – sen): a verb meaning to hurry, or to hurry (someone or something) up.

Home: the loving place at which you are happy to reside.

So now we are Hasten Home, a unique online store, offering tools for encouraging our children to look forward to the heavenly home ahead, plus a few of the basics that help make home here a place you love to hurry back to.

Hasten Home is not just a business; Hasten Home is people “looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God” by sharing His love with the children around us; and this is the Hasten Home blog.  Enjoy!

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