Inspiring Our Children: the voice of song

I have been thinking lately of the special Christian people whom the Lord has sprinkled along the path of my life.  Each one has had an important part of helping to make me who I am today.  They were the Lord’s hands in molding a searching child into a willing vessel of service.  

Some of these people have heard me say “Thank you–I appreciate you.”  

Others of them have faded into the background of memory and perhaps do not even realize what an impact they made on at least one little girl’s life.

At church yesterday, we had a visiting quartet come to sing us an inspiring song.  When the first man began to sing, I was immediately thrown back decades into my past.  His voice sounded so much like that of Brother Mark.  The memory became even stronger when one of the women up front joined in–she had the voice of Sister Connie, Brother Mark’s wife.

As a child, the first church I remember attending was Liberty Baptist Church in Santa Cruz, California.  I felt like I was an important part of the small congregation.  The church was not just a building–it was a family.  We children called the adults “brother” and “sister” out of respect.  The adults treasured us like younger members of the family should be treasured.

A few of the things I remember about the “big people’s church” (worshiping in the main sanctuary with the adults) are: writing Bible verse references to be sure I learned what the pastor was teaching, opening my eyes once in a while in prayer just to assure myself that nobody was watching me…and listening to the beautiful voices of husband and wife team, Brother Mark and Sister Connie.  They would sing often for church.  It seems to me that at least once they gave a little concert for the church and the community.  One song, though, stands out in my mind:

“There’s a lighthouse on the hillside

that overlooks life’s sea;

When I’m tossed, it sends out a light–

A light that I might see…

And I thank God for the lighthouse–

I owe my life to Him;

for Jesus is the Lighthouse….”

I can hear their voices even now, years distant, yet right here with me.  That is the power of our voice in song.  You may not realize it, dear brother and sister, but the children are listening–and your influence is changing their lives.

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