My Dream Home

Have you ever thought about what your dream house would be?  I must admit that I tend more to accept what is offered me than to imagine what might “make” me happy.  I originally set out to figure out what my dream house would be, with no limitations besides what this earth necessitates.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I do not really care about too much in the matter.

I live a life of modest luxury.  Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain.  Our family does not have a lot of money.  We struggle, like many do these days, to keep food on the table and keep the electricity on.  We do not own our own home.  However, I feel rich.  I serve the Living God, who created this world and claims all that it has to offer as His own; and He takes care of me.

We own our own (rather old 🙂 ) vehicles.  We have more than one computer in our home.  Obviously, we have access to the internet…and a phone…and mail pick-up….  We eat every single day.  We have clean water—at that, hot water if we so choose—to bathe in, drink, cook with, wash with, and so many other luxuries that are so easily taken for granted.

Our current home just makes me feel rich.  It is not in the ritziest neighborhood.  You certainly will not be finding it on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens any time soon.  My home is a bit run-down perhaps.  It is built of aluminum siding and has paneling for walls.  There are BB holes all over my bathroom from some past occupant.  The plastic strips that once neatly lined our window frames have taken on a look more like a tiny, gray mountain range.

But it makes me feel rich.  When it is pouring down rain outside, my family and I are cozy and dry inside.  When the icy winter winds blow, we are safe and warm.  I can work on my laundry and my baby can play right outside the door, perfectly safe in my arm’s reach.  We have an awesome view of the valley on one side and a forested hill on the other.  At night, I can lie in bed and watch the beautifully sparkling black sky at the same time.  Talk about luxury!

One day, I am sure I will not mind building a cute, little house with sapphire siding and opal doorknobs.  The inside walls could be hickory oak.  I am sure the window frames will be square, but the glass in them will never exist.  Perhaps a meandering marble pathway, lined with sweet-smelling flowers in various colors, will lead over to the golden street.

I guess in a way I do have a dream house.  My dream house is the place the Lord calls me to be.  His presence makes the house a home—and that is what fulfills my dreams.

~Do you have a dream house?

~How do you expect your home in heaven will differ from your home now?


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  2. What a beautiful post. So much faith and trust with the Divine Almighty. Every word is simply
    inspiring, touching and hopeful. I used to live in an apartment with my wife several years ago and we were so happy. Then we move to a small house and got blessed with our son- even more happier. Currently we’re in a big house but it made realize that it’s was not and will never be about the luxuries in the world that defines a happy dream house but how the people who live in it relate to each other. It is true that all we need is Love including God’s unconditional love for us. thanks for the visit.

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