My God, my Friend (part 2 of 2)

My God, my Friend (man's hand holding baby's hand)

From my earliest days, my relationship with my God, my Friend, was growing.

Over the years, it seems my relationship with my God has gone through a series of steps. I wonder if you have seen a similar thing in your own life — maybe not in the very same order, but a progression just the same.

My Saviour

My God was first my Saviour. At the early age of four years old, I knew I needed the merits of His precious blood. I would be free from the burden of sin! Wash me in the blood!

I was baptized in His holy name and this awesome relationship began.

My Comforter

My God has always been my Comforter. He has been there for me through thick and thin to tell me “It’s going to be alright. I am with you. Hang in there.”

My God

I have always believed – at least to some extent – that He is my God, the All-Powerful. He is in control, even if I don’t understand.

My Lord

My God, my friend, part 2

As I grew in my childish years, His role as Lord became stronger and stronger in my life. “Tell me what to do and I will obey. If I don’t understand, I’m sure someday I will.” And He led me deeper and deeper into His law.

Then a decade or so ago, I was mourning over my two dads, both of which had sooner or later left my mom – and me. (My birth father was dead by that time – killed in a car wreck on Christmas day the year before my first child was born; my step-father was simply out of my life. I am thankful that my relationship with the latter has been more or less restored as of this day, but at that time, I had neither.)

My Father

Crying out to God, He cried out to me.

“Behold! What manner of love the Father has bestowed upon you that you should be called a daughter of God!”

And it sank to my heart.

My God… my Father! Oh, precious Lord and King! My Father.

It finally sank in.

Apparently, now it is time to go another step deeper.

My Friend

I prayed this morning, taking my Dear Lord up on His “new” offer. I told Him about what happened in the day that just passed. I let it spill out, just like I would tell my husband.

I told Him my joys, my concerns. I gave Him the details as I saw them. I asked for His input.

What a blessing!

Why are we so slow to learn?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have, at every step of the way, felt that my relationship with my God was a pretty solid one. Oh, yes, we’ve had our rocky places, but He was always my Comforter!

But “good” and “solid” for yesterday is not necessarily good for today.

I love this journey, this “deeper, deeper and higher still” journey.

And you know what is so neat about having the God of the Universe as your Friend? He is not only All-Powerful and All-Loving, Patient, and Kind… He is All-Knowing. And He does not hesitate to get to the root of your problems with real solutions.

My God.

My Pursuer, my Saviour, my Comforter.

My Lord… my Father… my Friend.

~ YOUR TURN: We each have a very unique experience in life, a special story that is only ours. Is there a “name” of God that you hold especially dear? Please tell us about it in the comments below! ~

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