My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 4: Family

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We were practically living my dream: a home in the country—sure this was the desert of Nevada, and I had always envisioned oak trees abounding, but that was fine with me—and a sweet little family—there, too, I always thought I would have three children, but I was thoroughly enjoying our two.  The Lord was drawing us deeper and higher.

We had met some wonderful friends, who were encouraging us greatly in our walk with Him.  We were learning principles of eating healthfully to keep our bodies in top operating order for the service of the Master.  We were learning principles of dressing to honor Him.  We were learning principles of devotion and worship—spending time with Him daily and moment by moment.  And we were growing.  We were finding happiness and peace.  Home really was becoming a place we would hasten to. 🙂

Daddy and the children

Daddy and the children

But one morning, I came home from work at the children’s shelter and there was a problem.  My dear husband was exasperated.

“I’m not doing this any more!” he told me.  He was probably getting ready to leave for work himself, as he often was, but he had been up much in the night with our little girl.  She just needed mama, and I knew it, too.  God was tugging on my heart at the same time.  I quit my job at the shelter.  I have been home with my beloved children ever since.

Lest you think all was “peaches and cream” from there, we all still had a lot of growing to do.  I suspect as each stage of our life passes, we will look back and have the same statement to make, if we are honest with ourselves.  But there seems to come a point where a huge bulk of the growing has been done—that is where we have reached true adulthood.  I believe it has a lot to do with full submission to Christ.  We were still working on that.

As a child, when I would dream of my little country family with three children and a few pets, I don’t recall ever having given much thought to the fact that children require love and care 24 hours a day.  They would just be there.  Any parent knows, that’s not quite how it works.  God was helping me and as I learned of my multitudinous duties, I was truly enjoying it.  I was learning that working with the children in my immediate care and influence is just as important as—and more vital than—the work I could do for all the other children in the world.  We must not neglect our own families, friends!  First things first!

So I put first things first.  I found the joy in being fully devoted to and available for my children.

Additionally, I had been teaching children’s Sabbath School ever since my first child was a baby.  This did not stop.  I also found joy in taking in our neighborhood children.  Sometimes they just wanted to hang out or help with chores or something.  Other times, their families allowed them to go with us on outings, to church or on Sabbath walks.  When the Lord places a burden on our hearts, He will provide a way to fill that void.  He has a work for each one of us.  Never let anyone (even yourself!) tell you that the work He has given you is unimportant; rather, give it your all!

I was putting to use my Nanny College; I was drinking deeper drafts at the well of Salvation; but this was still only the beginning of my journey to Hasten Home.  I was beginning to wonder if my love of drawing was forever ended upon becoming a mom.  And as much as I treasured my little boy’s enthusiastic impromptu singing, I sometimes wondered if I would ever be able to sing a “real” song again, aside from church services.  I was getting the idea that this is where we were to be and that was that—settle down, get comfy…But change was on the horizon!

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