My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 5: Growing

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I was a mom and loving it.  We had a neat little home on an acre of the beautiful desert of Nevada.  I had decided that life was getting pretty settled, but the Lord was not done arranging matters just yet.  Life got a bit crazy for a while, and our family ended up moving.  After “testing the waters” here and there, we finally decided on Oregon as the state for us; and it seems to have worked out—we have been here over a decade now.

When we moved to Oregon, my children were getting close to school age.  Being in a completely new environment, I took a break from Sabbath School teaching for a while.  At the same time, I was finding an exciting new joy.  Of course, my enthusiastic little boy’s singing did not stay gibberish as long as it seemed.  Before I knew it, I found myself singing hymns with my husband and my children!

We finally found another church that we enjoyed attending.  It was a small church and soon our family had been recruited as part-time song service leaders.  Then, feeling God’s call to reinstate a children’s service during the Sabbath morning study hour, I later took up duties once again as children’s Sabbath School leader.  I found great joy when a child would come to church excited to tell me how God had worked in his or her young heart the week before, prompted by the Holy Spirit’s reminders of our previous Sabbath School lessons.  It was these times that encouraged me to go on when Satan tried telling me that my work was a waste of time.

This was also the time when that computer showed up in our family and I discovered what a help it could be in preparing Bible study materials for the children in my church.  Besides that, I was also learning the challenge of profitably employing my children on Sabbath, keeping in mind their ever-changing, ever-growing young minds.  I certainly do not profess to be the perfect example here, but we have had lots of fun over the years trying!

Little did I know then that one day soon, the Lord planned to remind me of my childhood dreams…

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