My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 6: Slowing down

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It was in my twenty-seventh year that I learned I was expecting my third child.  The whole family was extremely excited; but with the demand the pregnancy was putting on my body, I had to let my duties as Sabbath School leader go.  Then on New Year’s Day, we had a precious gift, a sweet baby girl.

Certain that this was to be our last child, I was very deliberate about enjoying her babyhood.  At the same time I started realizing how easy it was to go about life in a state of hurry, hurry, hurry.  It occurred to me that no matter how hard I tried or how much I managed to squeeze into the day, there would always be something left undone.

That is when I decided to start watching myself, guarding against the tendency to hurry little ones just to rush to the next hurried moment, and guarding against my tendency to push myself to the point of dropping.  I realized (like a wise Christian brother tried explaining years before) that there is no sin in moments of relaxation—that in fact, we need rest just as much as activity if we are to live productive lives for very long.  I finally started enjoying moments.

Though I have filled in or assisted from time to time since, I never have gone back to being full-time Sabbath School leader.  Our world got a bit ruffled again, and we finally landed in a little town called Cave Junction, Oregon, where the dreams I never knew I had were about to be fulfilled…

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