My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 8 (conclusion)

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The Lord was making my dreams come true—even those I never knew I had!  My dear husband and I had three beautiful children; we lived in a humble country home with some furry pets and a fun garden; and now, I was even writing and drawing—two of my all-time favorite pastimes—to bring precious children to Jesus!

I had been a bit saddened by the thought of my third child being my last, but I was enjoying her and my other children greatly, and I was content.  But the Lord had just one more precious bundle to send our way.  I prayed for a baby boy with a missionary spirit, and I believe the Lord has sent him.

Our family feels perfectly complete now.  I believe the Lord has been leading every step of the way.

In late 2010, I began seriously selling things on eBay; and the Lord just opened door after door.  My product selection was a bit haphazard at first as I hunted for something I could really enjoy sharing for the long-haul.

It took some time, but I should have been able to guess that children’s ministry was going to work into this somehow!  All along, my husband has encouraged me to follow this new fulfilling of my dream—the Lord was building an avenue to share wholesome Vacation Bible School materials with the world!

Before long, my little business had reached the place where it desperately needed a name.  We stormed and stormed our brains.  That sounded pretty good, but no…That’s nice, but, no, it’s taken…This one might work, but it just doesn’t seem quite right….  We considered dozens of options.

Then finally, my eldest daughter one evening said, “How about ‘Hasten Home’?”  Yes!  That was perfect!  And it was available!  This was it: Hasten Home.  It exactly describes the mission of my store.

So Hasten Home was formed, a unique online store, offering tools for encouraging our children to look forward to the heavenly home ahead, plus a few of the basics that help make home here a place you love to hurry back to.

Over the first months, the Lord led me in refining the mission of my store.  Once again, children’s ministry is my focus.  Through Hasten Home, I seek to do my part in restoring Virtue and Excellence in Vacation Bible School.  Won’t you join me?

Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God…


~Sheila 🙂


P.S. The story is still being written.  Click here to stay in touch with the current happenings behind the scenes of Hasten Home!

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