Really and Truly Me

WordPress recently suggested this question:

Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself”? Why?

I think this is a question that my readers deserve an answer to.  The first part is quite simple: I am really and truly me.  Sheila Edeliant, wife of my highschool sweetheart, mom to four precious blessings, follower of my beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ; and Owner/Operator of Hasten Home.  That is me.

If you have been following the Hasten Home blog very long, you probably know quite a bit about me.  I have shared (a rather condensed version of) My Journey to Hasten Home, along with a little peek into the still-being-written history as it unfolds each week.

It is important to me that my readers know that I am a real person with a real past, present, and future.  I hope to inspire my readers to take the journey with me, whether salvation through Jesus Christ and joy in His soon return are new thoughts or simply a solidifying of your faith.

I will be the first to admit (okay, second–the Holy Spirit had to inform me first) that I am not perfect.  My past is marred.  I do, however, believe that “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect” was not “figurative” language, but a promise.  My future is filled with hope.

So, I pray that as I am honest with you in sharing not only my victories in Jesus, but also some of the stumblings that the merciful Lord redeems me out of, that you will be inspired to grow with me.

I am real.  I am aware that being open with the world has the potential of exposing me to ridicule, if someone out there is so inclined.  However, I believe that my “job” is to guard my character and be “slow to speak”, prayerfully considering the impact of my thoughts, words, and actions.  By God’s grace, I will leave guarding my reputation to the Lord, as He sees fit.

Meanwhile you, my readers–whether you choose to one day do business with Hasten Home, or simply appreciate sharing this awesome journey with me–get the full benefit of reading only the words I am totally willing, in the fear of God, to personally stand behind.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches….”  –Proverbs 22:1

What benefit is to be gained by concentrating on guarding one’s character, as opposed to his or her reputation?

What differences might this make in our actions–and even our thoughts?

It's okay to be 1st! Or 549th, for that matter... I'm eager to hear from you!

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