Small children… big hearts, big ideas!

Small children... big hearts, big ideas! Let's encourage them! [snow house]

Small children get big ideas — like this snow house my children built last winter.

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Five Minute Friday, so I thought I would join in today. Today’s topic is “Small”.

Five Minute Friday: Small

Ready? Go:

Small. A lot of times it is where big things start.

In children’s ministry, the first thing that comes to my mind, of course, is children!

We must not neglect the little guys. 🙂 The children really are the future of our world. And their foundation starts in a big way while they are still small.

Our little brothers and sisters need to know that they are valuable even when they are small. Their ideas and hopes and aspirations are oh-so-big! And with God at their side, they can reach those!

Small on the outside does not match “small” on the inside. Small is a stage of growth. A very important stage, for it is where big things begin.

Let’s be a pure example for the little ones. Let’s feed them with God’s love and with His Word.

Let’s watch for that great big love inside the small packages, encourage the great big dreams, [Stop!] be gentle with their imperfect attempts. Watch them grow! 🙂

(Sorry I just had to finish up that last paragraph after the timer! 🙂 )

Hasten Home, friends!

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    • Cool! Thank you for stopping by, Jenn. Have you been on a break for awhile? What age group do you work with? The children are such a precious blessing.

      Come again any time! 🙂

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