The Book that Changed My Life, Part 1 of 2

One book has changed my life like none other could.  It is a book of power like no other power.  It is a story of love like no other love.  It explains life in a way that puts all other explanations to shame; and it impacts my future in terms not of years, but of eternity.

I first knew this book as a book of stories.  It told of great men and women—even great children.  They were even greater because of the fact that they were real; this book is non-fiction at its finest.

It was not long, though, before I knew this book as a mine of hidden gems.  I learned that by making the effort to memorize portions of the book, I not only pleased my teachers, I found the very heart of my being being changed.

This book was written over many centuries by many authors; yet each one was driven by the same force, inspired by the same Spirit, and the end result is total congruency.

As I learned to read better on my own, I became more and more fascinated by the depth and variety my book held within its pages.  The more I read, the more I was being drawn to the primary subject of all of its chapters—a man named Jesus Christ.  And He changed me.

By the power of Jesus Christ in me, my thoughts are thoughts of peace; my heart is filled with a longing for heaven, and a joy for experiencing today with purpose; my actions are driven by the call of God’s love to my heart and the desire He has given me to share that love; my attitudes are softer—more caring; yet firmer—more resolute.

You see, Jesus is not just the main character in a book I love.  He is the Creator, God; and He is my Saviour.  Through His Spirit, I am no longer the same; and I expect not to be the same tomorrow as I am today.  While Jesus has freed me from my stained past, and empowered me to live a valuable today, there is plenty of room for more growth for the morrow.  My favorite book promises me “that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

By now you have probably guessed.  The Book which has changed my life above all other books is the Bible, the Holy Word of God to me—and you!

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