The Smile Experiment :)

One night, my hubby said something about smiling–something to the effect of, if we actually smiled for 10 minutes straight, our faces would cramp.  My eldest daughter, Samantha, and I took the challenge!

So the next day for 10 straight minutes, we smiled.  No breaks.  (It is very difficult to smile while you yawn, by the way.)  At first it felt silly, simply because it was so purposeful.  One minute went by.

At three minutes, I wondered if my hubby was right–my jaw was a bit sore.  I guess I don’t smile enough!

big girl handing toddler boy a cup of water

A simple act of service--great time for a smile!

Then Samantha handed Little Brother a cup of water with a big smile on her face.  I could not help laughing.  It should not seem so odd to smile in a simple act of service, but apparently we need some work here!

My seven-year-old talked to me and I smiled as she talked.

From time to time, Samantha and I checked on each other–still smiling.  We laughed aloud many times, and her big brother wondered what was so funny.  Even when we told him, I think he just thought we were a bit strange.

Seven minutes passed, and my jaw was not hurting any more…Funny, the longer you smile, the more natural it feels.

The last three minutes flew by.  I tried to write an update on Facebook, but I could not think of anything besides making sure I was constantly smiling.

The experiment complete, my smile lingered naturally.  It does not take long for that smile of great effort to sink into your heart and become a smile of great joy.  Nearly ten minutes later, my nearly-two-year-old pulled a nice long strip of tape from the roll in my desk, and I smiled as I said, “Oh, Buddy” and re-rolled the tape.

We should do this more often!

How about doing an experiment for heaven?  All creation is watching, wondering with great interest if the grace of God is sufficient to bring fallen man out of the pit of sin and despair.  Maybe, just maybe, we should pray for that grace and by God’s power pay attention to our smile.  After all, in His “presence is fulness of joy”!

Let us know if you decide to try the Smile Experiment, too!

It's okay to be 1st! Or 549th, for that matter... I'm eager to hear from you!

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