The Versatile Blogger Award

Last week, Kate Kresse of Believe Anyway stopped by with a word of encouragement (see comments in the preceding link) and gave me “The Versatile Blogger Award“.

The Versatile Blogger AwardI believe the Lord had His hand in sending the needed encouragement my way.  As David said in the Psalms:

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

The Versatile Blogger Award is not simply to be taken and forgotten.  It is one of those gifts that is meant to keep on giving and reaching out, and it must be figuratively “unwrapped”.

There are two basic parts to “unwrapping” the gift.  First, I am supposed to share seven things about myself that you may not know, but might like to know.  So…

1) I spent much of my childhood in the Pacific coast town of my birth, Santa Cruz, California.

2) I was baptized when I was four years old.

3) I love to learn–especially by reading.

4) My favorite color is deep blue.

5) I have four children of my own, ranging in age from two to sixteen years.

6) The most recent age-group I taught at VBS was Juniors (about ages ten through twelve years), and I loved it.

7) The most recent age-group I taught at church was Cradle Roll/Kindergarten (birth to about age seven).  I am taking a break, except for occasionally filling in right now to better care for my own little one!

The second part is to pass the gift along by choosing five other bloggers to show appreciation to/for.  I thought a little bit about whether The Versatile Blogger Award was meant for a “versatile blogger” or as a “versatile award”.

The latter made more sense to me–and it seems that those who have received and given the award before me have thought the same, so that is how I will share it.  The following blogs are not affiliated with Hasten Home in any way; they are simply blogs that we have found encouraging and inspirational and thought you might also enjoy.

So without any further ado, I choose to share The Versatile Blogger Award with:

1) Yulia at mylifeismyrainbow: for her encouraging posts and positive outlook on her life as a parent.

2) Specialgathering at Specialgathering’s Weblog: for giving me insight into a ministry I have not personally had much part in, and sharing thought-provoking messages that we all can apply to our own lives and ministries, as well.

3) Instant Mama: for her heart for the children and her perseverance in allowing us to be part of her amazing journey as a foster mother.

4) Aubrygrace at My Offerings: for her gracefully kind way of being bold and honest, even when popular opinion is probably not on her side.


5) The Simply Free Life: for sharing how Godly faith works in everyday life.

I hope you will visit some (or all!) of these blogs if you are not already familiar with them.

Now I will be off to let each of these bloggers know about their new “Versatile Blogger Award”.  🙂

Kate, thanks again for the encouragement; I pray these others are likewise blessed!


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