Walking with God Anew, part 1 of 2

Walking with God is the most fulfilling experience you will ever find.  The closer you come to Him, the more you long for Him.  The more you truly get to know Him, the more you love Him and appreciate all He has done.  The more clearly you see Him, the more you desire to be like Him.

It makes sense then, that it can be a disheartening thought to realize one day that your walk with Him is not what it once was, to think that rather than strengthening, your relationship seems to be weakening.  It could easily happen to any of us.  A series of unexpected, urgent events in our life; a prolonged illness; a new baby; extended or changed work hours…many things could catch us off guard and potentially disrupt the flow of life enough to cause relationship problems.  Our relationship with God is not exempt.

Before we go further, I would like to note that these principles apply to anyone who would like a closer walk with God—even if you are starting fresh for the first time.  The answer is really quite simple: Time.  Time spent with the One who longs to be your Best Friend, and time passing.

Perhaps the most important thing I have found is that we have got to just start.  Do not wait for the perfect timing.  Do not wait for tomorrow.  Do not wait!  “Behold, now is the accepted time!  Behold, now is the day of salvation!”  Even a few minutes is a beginning—just start.

There are a few basic principles that will help the relationship to grow strong.  Next time, we will consider the importance of consistency, conversation, and rest.  Be sure to keep coming back–in a few days, we will have the conclusion to “Walking with God Anew”!

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