Walking with God Anew, part 2 of 2

If you are longing for a closer walk with God, the key is to just start!  Then, there are a few basic principles that will help the relationship to grow strong.  Today, we will consider the importance of consistency, conversation, and rest.


Once begun, it is vital to be consistent.  Refuse to let a day go by without taking time for your renewed commitment.  It helps to have a set time. 

Morning is an excellent choice.  Each night as I go to sleep, I ask the Lord to wake me at an appropriate time the next morning.  Then when He does, I spend some time in prayer before I even rise from bed.  If you are part of a busy family, this may be one way to find some quiet, uninterrupted time (most mornings!). 

What makes more sense than to ask God for direction before the day even begins! 

Evening is also a great time.  Psalm 4 speaks of quiet communion with God as we lay down to sleep.  It gives us an opportunity to regroup and reflect on the day just passed, through God’s eyes. 

Whatever you decide, take those few minutes consistently!


Now, what should you do with those minutes you have devoted? 

We have talked a little bit about it, but just like in any relationship, conversation is necessary.  This is how we get to know each other; it is how we learn to relax in each other’s presence; it is how we connect. 

So talk to God

Do not worry too much about just what to say.  Tell Him you love Him—or that you want to love Him.  Ask Him to guide you, even in prayer.  Be respectful of His awesomeness; but remember that He has called us “friends”.  He wants to hear what you have to say.

(It goes both ways!)

As you talk to God, remember, too, that a conversation should be a two-way conversation to truly be valuable.  Not only does He want to listen to your heart, He longs to share with you His. 

Take time to read His word, even if at first it is a few lines.  Truly consider what it is He is saying.  Then ask Him to help you apply it personally—that is, consider what He is saying in those words to you.  Moments of reflective silence are part of communion with Him.  He bids us, “Be still and know that I am God.”


This brings us to the next point: slow down. 

Sometimes—and very possibly this is how we got into this sad state in the first place—we just let life get in the way of what really matters.  Sure, jobs and friends and babies and health are all important.  I certainly would not argue with that. 

The problem is when we get our priorities mixed up. 

Our body needs rest.  Sometimes, it takes constant reminding of ourselves; but without sufficient rest and sleep, we are no good to anybody.  We are too weary for relationships.  That could be an entire post in itself. 

God has even set aside an entire day every week for us to just put aside the normal cares of everyday life and connect with Him.  We need it. 

Our minds, too, need rest. 

If you find your mind wandering when you would be communing with God, give Him your worries.  Pray for peace and rest.  Write down your “to do’s” so that you don’t feel burdened with them.  Then give God your full attention.

Stay inspired

We are here for a purpose: to learn who God is and to share Him with others.  This life is temporary, a stepping stone.  One day soon it will be over, and it will be obvious that our relationship with God (and our fellow man) is all that really mattered. 

Once you take the first steps, you will want to stay inspired.  Pick up an inspirational book: the Bible and The Desire of Ages by Ellen G. White are two that I appreciate.  Share your joy with others—tell them what God has done for you; and share in others’ joy—listen what God has done for them.  Your connection with the Lord is guaranteed to grow, for it is His Spirit that feeds it.  As it does, grow with it!

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