Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken (part 1 of 2)

When you hear that something has broken, what is your first reaction?  “Oh, no!”…or perhaps, “Oh, well–I can fix it”…or maybe even “Oh, good!  Now I can finally throw it away.”  After the initial reaction, what do you do next?  As far as I have observed, it seems that the majority of people make one of two decisions: 1) throw the thing away; or 2) save it so that it can be fixed later.  Unfortunately, with Option 2, “later” almost never comes.

My grandmother has a very healthy reaction to broken things.  She is my role model in many things, and my reaction has come to be much like hers: “Oh, well–it is only a thing.”  Yes, things can be handy; they can make our life easier or more pleasant.  They can also weigh us down or even become idols, when we put the love of things above the love of our fellow-man and our God.  The point of my grandmother’s–and now my own–attitude about broken things is that people are always more important than things and our connection with God is too valuable to let go over some temporary thing.

You know, sometimes people are broken, too.  And somehow, in our human nature it seems like a lot of times it is easier to have compassion on broken things than on broken people.  We want to blame people  for their broken spirits.  We want to “throw them away”, like some object unworthy of repair.  It just looks like too much work to mend them.

Broken, but whole, juice glass

Sometimes broken things are a bit unsightly.

This is not how Jesus sees things, though, and I will be quick to add that He will give us hearts of compassion for broken people.  The Bible says of Jesus, “a bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench”.  Just try looking up the word “compassion” in your Bible concordance.  God is one to be moved by compassion.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the conclusion of “Broken”!


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  3. Enjoyed your post a lot! I totally agree. Some people are so attached to “things” that they don’t have room for compassion in their heart for humans.

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