Weekly Photo Challenge: fall

Can you imagine the pain in Adam’s heart as he watched the first leaf fall?

Autumn leaf lies in the grass

Adam surely sorrowed as the first leaves fell.

The come of Autumn has become so routine to us that we probably do not even give it a whole lot of thought.

Yet, there it stands, still another reminder of the sad effects of sin.  Do you know what I love about it, though?

The Lord couples His warnings with mercy…

and He couples the falling leaves with unmatched beauty.

And we can know that even after the last leaf has faded and fallen to the ground, and the sky is clouded and dark, not too far ahead is the promise of Spring

and the glorious hope of new life!


Weekly Photo Challenge: fall — 8 Comments

  1. I love the way you relate the season’s changes with our lives and God’s plan for us.with each fallen leaf, a promise of new beginning follows. We just need to be patient. God provides in his time. Thank you. Stay blessed always.

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