Worth the Risk

Ripples from a raindrop on a puddle

Even tiny drips make ripples.

Risk-taking seems to be an attraction for the masses these days. Everywhere we turn, someone is looking to be noticed for one reason or another, and they often lay an awful lot on the line to do it: a sportsman risking his expensive possessions, a stuntman risking his life, a celebrity risking her integrity….

Often, the coveted prize gained is worth little more than the revered bay leaf crown of the ancient Olympics. It is a temporary token, destined sooner or later to fade right along with the name of its “champion”.

True value

It is important that we realize what true value is. Then, and only then, will we be in a proper position to judge whether a risk is truly worth taking. What are the long-lasting implications of our choices?

You may only be a tiny drip in a huge ocean, but even tiny drips make ripples—and have you ever considered how many other tiny drips are touched by those ripples? God forbid that I should ever choose not to touch the life within my reach, reasoning that a tiny drip like me could never hope to change the vast ocean.

Be your community large or small, somebody lives there and somebody needs Jesus. So who will be the one to share Him? Will you? It involves a risk—but there is a difference. Working for the Lord is not like any other risk. The risks we take for Him go right along with promises that cannot fail—and prizes that will not fade.

Real risks

First of all, what are the risks? Anyone who has wholeheartedly set themselves to go forward where the Lord bids them will certainly find two things: 1) there is an enemy who is not happy with your decision; and 2) that enemy is going to do everything in his power to stop you. That is the risk.

We have no idea what we will be called to face. I have experienced some of it firsthand—perhaps you have, too. Unexplained sickness, “without cause” (so to speak!) eviction notices, turmoil in the family, verbal accusations, accidents….

All this where before there had seemed to be only smooth-sailing.

Take heart!

Take heart, brother! Take heart, sister! There is no need for the enemy to feel threatened by the laid-back soldier. It is the well-equipped, actively working, and divinely empowered soldier that is feared—and fought. If you have any doubt of this, just take a look at the life of Jesus, the very Son of God.

Then while you are looking to Jesus, take note of how His life on earth ended: Victory! That is what makes the risk worth taking! “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised)”. God is faithful. That is what makes the risk worth taking. “He hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”

Here is what I have learned: “With God all things are possible.” The work will go forward; the needs of God’s people will be provided; children will give their hearts to Him who brings true and everlasting peace. Jesus will return; sorrow will pass away; and even death will be swallowed up in victory.

God is faithful.

Will I be faithful? Will you? Is it a risk worth taking? I dare say emphatically, “Yes!”

How much is one soul worth?


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