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  1. These are great passages for adults too. Sometimes I tell my kids about Daniel from Daniel chapter 1. He was taken from his home at a young age and sent to a foreign country to learn things from a foreign king. His parents must have been so sad to see him go, and he must have been scared too. However, throughout Daniel 1-4, God always looked after him. My kids like that thought.

  2. Idd psalm 91. But the most beautiful Psalm is Psalm 23.

    In the Netherlands, a Christian children’s song that is very comforting for both mother and child:-) Based on psalm 23.

    • My children always appreciated it. They usually ask for more… and finally drift off to sleep. <3

      I think some of us just really connect aurally (that word is harder to say than it is to spell, even, lol) -- through hearing, that is. I know my husband and older son (who is 20 now) are both that way. They love any of us to read to them.

      Of course, none of us girls mind being the reader, either, I don't think. 😉

  3. Sheila your post are always comforting. What a wonderful way in teaching children the need not to be afraid. One of the greatest parts of God’s creation is our minds and you are helping to formulate the correct way of absorbing God’s word in the lives of children.

    • Thank you, brother. God’s Word was such a blessing to me as a child — and now as an adult; I just really long to share that blessing, you know?

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