Something for the children #39: 20 simple ways to make Mom feel special

wildflowers--daisies and dandelion

One way to make Mom feel special is to pick her a pretty wildflower bouquet.

Hello, children! Did you know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday? It would be a great time to think of some ways that you could make your mom feel special–after all, moms are a special gift from God to us!

(Is your mom not with you? Why not make it an “I Love You” Day? Just pick your favorite idea and try it out on someone you love!)

Of course, you don’t need to wait for Mother’s Day to let your mom know you love her, but here are some hints and ideas for you.

First of all, watch and listen for hints about what your mom might like the best for a special gift. You could even ask Daddy or Big Brother or Sister what they think Mom would like, if you are not sure.

Also, remember that you do not have to have money to let Mom know you love her! In fact, some of the nicest gifts do not take money at all. They take something even more special–your own love and time.

Here are 20 Mother’s Day ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Do a chore that Mom was planning on doing (but was not exactly looking forward to).
  2. Pick a wildflower bouquet. Put it in a pretty vase or jar with water so the flowers stems can reach their drink.
  3. Draw a pretty picture–or neatly color a coloring page. (Here is a nice coloring page with children picking flowers in a park.) Sign your picture with your name and the date when you make it.
  4. Give Mom a back rub…or a shoulder rub…or a foot rub.
  5. Brush Mom’s hair gently.
  6. Offer to play with Little Brother or Sister so Mom can concentrate on a project she would like to do.
  7. Make a bookmark for one of Mom’s favorite books.
  8. Clean out the inside of Mom’s car. Take out the trash, and dust everything. You could even vacuum, if you are able to.
  9. Wash the outside of Mom’s car.
  10. Write a poem or story about what makes your mom special to you. If you want, draw a picture of her to go with your story.
  11. Give Mom a great, big hug and a sweet smile and tell her “I love you”. (You could do this one every single day, even!) 🙂
  12. Bring Mom a glass of her favorite drink.
  13. Make up Mom’s bed with clean sheets and pillowcases and wash the dirty ones. (Be sure she has not just done this job herself, though!)
  14. Work together with someone older than you to make Mom a yummy breakfastand do all the cleaning up.
  15. Wash the bathtub, and run Mom a warm bath in the evening. Turn on some music or a talk that she likes. (Be sure to keep electrical things, like CD players and radios, far away from the water. Water and electricity are very dangerous together.)
  16. Make Mom a special card with a note from you written inside.
  17. Offer to be a “runner” to help Mom straighten her desk or table or dresser or whatever needs it. You ask her where she would like something to go; and when she tells you, you put it there.
  18. Find a smooth rock and paint it for a paperweight for Mom to use on her desk.
  19. Carefully write out one of your favorite Bible verses on nice paper. Decorate it with pretty stickers or little drawings. You could even put your finished Bible verse in a picture frame, if you have one. Give the Bible verse to your Mom when you are all done.
  20. Clean something that needs cleaning—maybe the bathroom, or kitchen, or refrigerator, or something else. Make it as nice as you can. For extra fun, try to do it without Mom noticing—then leave a little note behind that says “I love you, Mom!”
  21. And just for fun…

  22. Bonus: SMILE!

Tell your Mom “Happy Mother’s Day!” and make sure she knows you love her every day! Have fun! 🙂


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