Something for the children #36: “ME by You!”

Big bed with stuffed dolls and a cat

A big, lonely bed gets filled pretty quickly once Mommy gets to it! 🙂

My husband is a volunteer firefighter.  Even though he does not get paid for his time, he loves to help people.  A lot of times, he spends the night at the fire station with another person.  That way, they can quickly get to emergencies, like hurt people or bad fires.

On those nights when my husband sleeps at the fire station, there is a lot of room in my bed–and it often gets filled by children!

Last night was like that.  I was laying in my bed.  My two-year-old little boy was cuddled up in one of my arms.  My seven-year-old girl was laying on the other side of my little boy.

As we sat there, we talked about cuddling.  Do you like to cuddle?  When we cuddle with someone we love, we feel safe and cozy.  Well, my daughter definitely likes to cuddle.  When she told me that, I said that she was welcome to come over to the other side of me and cuddle up close in my other arm if she wanted to.

What do you think she did?  She jumped right up with a big smile to come cuddle!

Well, my little boy did not like that!  Before my daughter could even get anywhere, he was up out of my arm, jumping over to the other side of me.  He said very firmly, “No! Me by you!”

Then he cuddled happily into my other arm.  Of course, my daughter was just as happy to cuddle in one arm as she was to cuddle in the other one!

My little boy has a problem, though.  He has not realized yet that Mommy can love two children at once!  So he gets jealous.

You know, even big people get that way, too, sometimes.

The Bible tells us about a question that Jesus asked His disciples one time.  They had been walking together for a while and when they got where they were going, Jesus asked, “What were you arguing about on the way?”

The disciples knew that their answer was not a good thing, so they did not say anything.  They had been arguing about which of them was the greatest.  Is that something Jesus wants us thinking about?  No.

Jesus knew what they had been talking about.  He knows all about us.

So he sat down and called his twelve disciples together.  He had something very important to say.  It is good for us, too.  He said, “If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.”  You can read that in your Bible in Mark 9, verse 35.

What it means is that we should not be worrying about ourselves all the time.  Instead, we should think about how we can live for God and be kind and helpful to others.

Then when God gives our friend something nice, we will not be afraid that we are missing out.  Instead, we will be happy for our friend.  We will know that God is good to our friend, and that He is good to us, too!

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