Something for the children #37: Job 12:13 Bible coloring page

Job 12:13 Bible coloring page

Lots of Bible promises are found in Job! To print your Bible coloring page: click on the picture and it will open as a PDF file. (You will need Adobe Reader.) Then you can print it from there.

I have been reading about Job in the Bible.  Job was a good man, but bad things happened to him.  It is sad, but sometimes things are that way.

God still loved Job very much, and Job kept trusting God.

Listen to one of the things that Job said:

“With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.”

Who do you think Job was talking about?  Who is the wisest, strongest one you can think of?  Yes, God is!

Job knew that even if he did not understand why all the bad things were happening to him, God understood.  We can trust God, too, even if bad things happen to us.

One day, we will go home to heaven with Jesus and no bad things will ever happen again!

Today, I have a Bible coloring page for you.  It has those words of Job for you to color.  “With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.”  You can find this in your Bible, too, if you look up Job, chapter 12, verse 13.

Precious Child, God loves you, and He understands! 🙂

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