Something for the children #38: Icky “Buggies” are a lot like Sin

box of clothes

Half the fun of outgrowing your clothes is the too-big box!

The other day, I was thinking about a little problem we were having here. Something was wrong with eight-year-old Strawbriella’s clothes. It seemed that they were shrinking. They used to fit so well, but now, well, they were not fitting so well!

Most of her dresses were several inches too short. Most of her pants were beginning to look like those short-pants they call “capris”. Many of her tops were reaching with all their might to get all the way around her tummy. This was a problem!

Were all of her clothes shrinking? No, of course not. You know that the problem was not really a problem at all, don’t you! Strawbriella is just growing—just like you are!

But we still needed to do something about this.

Do you get excited when you outgrow some of your old clothes? Strawbriella does. Sure, she misses some of her favorite shirts or dresses when she cannot wear them anymore—but she has something to look forward to.

You see, out in our storage shed we keep a box for her that has some very nice clothes in it. She has never worn them before. We might have found something very pretty and comfy-looking at a thrift store; or one of our friends might have given us a stack of good clothes that they did not need anymore. If the clothes were too big for her, we knew that one day, she would be bigger!

So we put the clothes neatly into a box. We put the box in a safe place out in our storage shed. And they sat there waiting for the perfect time.

Strawbriella loves to ask about the box. Every so often, she wants to try the big clothes on to see if they fit yet. New clothes are fun. But usually, we just have to put the clothes back because they are still too big.

Well, the other day, we were pretty sure some of those new clothes just had to fit her. She needed them!

So, I went out to the shed and brought the box into our house.

When I opened it up, though, we were in for a surprise! Yuck! All throughout the top of her nice, clean clothes, there were icky, fuzzy cocoon-things and yucky, black pellet-things.

Oh, it was awful! Of course, nobody really wanted to touch the mess. And Strawbriella wasn’t so sure she wanted to try on her new clothes anymore.

This had to be dealt with.

Somebody had to do it. Can you guess who that “somebody” would be?

Yep, Mrs. Mommy. (That would be me.) 🙂


It was a mess, and it took quite some time, but I got it cleaned up. I used bits of cloth and paper and stuff from the trash to pick the stuff out of the clothes. Thankfully, it was only all in the top layers of clothes. Once I got down into the box a bit further, there were no more bugs.

We had to wash all those clothes before Strawbriella could wear them. In the end, she did find quite a few new things that she could wear. She was happy about that.

This all made me think, though.

We know where those little critters came from. Do you remember me telling you about the little caterpillars that were all over the place last fall?

They remind me of how sin works. They seemed so cute and fun. Then later, they made a mess out of everything. That box of clothes was not the first time we have run into them this winter.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing with caterpillars—but there is a lot wrong with playing with sin.

Sin not only causes a lot of trouble. Sin takes us further and further away from God. And it will finally make us miss out on Heaven. That something that seemed so interesting at first becomes a very big problem.

God loves us, though, so He tells us in the Bible what things are sin. That way, we know and we can stay far, far away! Things like stealing, lying, and being mean to each other are sin. I’m sure you can think of some other things, too. Stay far, far away!

Jesus came to help us get sin out of our lives. Just like I had to clean up all the mess those little creatures had made and get those clothes washed, Jesus wants to clean us up from sin. All you have to do is ask Him!

Why not do that now?

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