Something for the Children #47: Strawbriella’s Paper Doll (story)

Something for the Children #47: Strawbriella's Paper Doll [image: paper doll head-shot]

Strawbriella made a special gift for Mommy - a construction paper doll.

Strawbriella's Gift

Strawbriella had a surprise for Mommy. She had made it all by herself. It was a little girl made out of construction paper.

Mommy thought it was a really neat gift. The paper girl had pink paper hair that matched her pink paper pants. At the bottom of her pants she had two red paper feet, complete with toes. She had cute, little blue hands — and one of her hands was holding a nice, big paper apple.

Strawbriella wanted her paper doll to be happy. She had drawn a happy face for her, with wide-open eyes and a great, big smile with plenty of teeth.

Mommy liked her gift. Do you think the paper doll liked Mommy? No, that’s kind of a silly thought, isn’t it! A paper girl cannot really be happy… or sad. A paper doll cannot really like… or love, can it?

But the paper doll made Mommy think of something.

God is our Maker

Strawbriella made the paper doll. It did not ask to be made. It did not have any say in how it was made, did it?

In a way, we are kind of like the paper doll. Somebody made us, too — do you know who? Yes, God did!

We did not ask to be made, did we? But God has a special plan for you, and He has a special plan for me. He is happy he made us.

And He wants us to be happy, too.

There are actually some verses in the Bible that go along with this. They really talk about how silly it would be for the clay that a potter makes pots out of to complain about the potter that made it:

[S]hall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? (Isaiah 29:16)
Woe unto him that striveth [or, fights] with his Maker! … Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? (Isaiah 45:9)

Let’s see what it would sound like if Strawbriella’s paper girl was talking like that:

Strawbriella didn’t really make me! I can do whatever I want. I know Strawbriella doesn’t have hands. Why did you make me this way, Strawbriella????

Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? We should never say things like that about God, either!

Strawbriella's Paper Doll (with Isaiah 29:16 and 45:12)

The Bible talks about God our Maker.

An important difference

There is a difference between us and the paper doll, though, isn’t there? We are not just some thing. God made us alive. He gave us life; He made us able to love Him back. Isn’t that special? I sure think so!

In Isaiah 45:12, God says…

I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.

God made us. He made everything. I am so glad. He is a loving God.

Not new anymore

You might have noticed one other thing about Strawbriella’s paper doll by looking at the picture here, though. She does not look new anymore, does she?

Her colors have faded away; she’s a bit wrinkled; she has even been torn in a couple places. But I still like her.

Right now, you are growing up; but one day you will start to grow old. Your colors might even start to fade away. (My colors are starting to fade away, heehee. My hair that used to be blonde and then used to be brown now has some pretty cool stripes of silver. 😉 ) You will probably get a bit wrinkled — or even hurt in places.

But God will love you just the same.

And unlike Strawbriella’s paper doll, one day when Jesus comes to take us Home to Heaven God will make all of His children (even the very old ones!) new again! I can’t wait!

God loves you, dear child!

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