Something for the Children #48: Cooperative Drawing

Something for the Children #48: Cooperative Drawing

Who knew something as simple as drawing a few lines together could make such a fun Sabbath game?

One Sabbath, Strawbriella, Little Brother and I were looking for a fun Sabbath game to play indoors. We gathered up a whiteboard, some dry erase markers in several different colors, and an eraser.

We each picked a color. Then one of us drew a line. And that was the beginning of our game.

I like to call it “Cooperative Drawing” because we get to cooperate (work together) to get to the finished picture. And “cooperate” is such a fun word to say, anyway — don’t you think? 😉

This is how it works. We chose to keep to a nature theme to remind us of all the neat things God has made. Nature themes are nice for Sabbath. You might also try a Bible theme, if you like. Hmmm… we might have to try that one next!

Anyway, one person draws a random line. The next person thinks what that line might be a part of, and adds another line to make that thing a little more complete. And the next person draws the next line, and so on, and so on.

We started out by drawing one object. Later we decided to draw a whole picture at once. We finally started just adding whole objects to the picture. At that point, we had had enough taking turns and just all worked together.

It was pretty cool, though, because with all our different-colored pens, you could pretty much tell who drew what part of the picture — until we started trading pens sometimes! 🙂

Just have fun! Work until you agree your picture is done.

You never know how it will turn out. In our little video we made for you, one of the things changed its mind about what it was many times along the way. Is it seaweed? A bird? Hmm… Maybe a… oh! a seahorse! heehee

Here is one of the pictures Strawbriella and Little Brother and I drew that Sabbath:Beauty and the Beast film trailer

Something for the Children #48: Cooperative Drawing

One of our finished drawings

And here is a fun video we made to show Cooperative Drawing in action! Enjoy!


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