Something for the Children #49: Thanksgiving crossword puzzle

Something for the Children #49: Thanksgiving crossword puzzle (image)

Thanksgiving is a special time for long ago — and for today!

That first Thanksgiving in Plymouth may not have been the first Thanksgiving ever. Actually, it was definitely not the first Thanksgiving ever. It was the Plymouth Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving in what had become their “New World,” though.

The Pilgrims had made an agreement with some of the Native Americans. A lot of people call them “Indians.” Their tribe has a special name, though. Do you know what that special name is?

(Sorry; I can’t tell you because that is one of the questions in our Thanksgiving crossword puzzle!)

However we celebrate Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure: God ought to be the center of our praise. What would you like to thank Him for?

Some of the questions in our Thanksgiving crossword puzzle come from Ellen White’s writings. You can read the answers in her book, The Adventist Home.

Did you know Ellen White talked about Thanksgiving? She reminded us to remember others at Thanksgiving time. We should especially remember people who do not have as much as we do.

There are alot of people who do not even have the warm clothes they need for winter. Many do not have enough food to eat. Have you ever been there? I have, and it can be very hard — but there is always something to be thankful for, isn’t there?

When we are the one who has less, we can still be thankful! When we are the one who has more, let’s share!

This is a good puzzle to do as a family, if you can. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving crossword puzzle

Click here to open your Thanksgiving crossword puzzle. It will open as a PDF in a new window; you can print it from there.

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CAUTION: This link is the answer key to the Thanksgiving crossword puzzle. 😉 (Opens in new window/tab.)

Here are some links for parents and teachers to use for more Thanksgiving stories and facts:

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