Something for the Children #53: Simple nature pictures to draw

Super-simple nature pictures to draw | Hasten Home

You can use these super-simple nature pictures to draw to decorate your VBS crafts and other fun projects!

Have you ever had a Bible memory verse you wanted to decorate, but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you would just like some super simple pictures of nature to draw to fancy up a name plaque you are making for your room… or to make your cool VBS craft even that much cooler. 😉

Super-simple nature pictures to draw | Hasten Home

Memory verses are one of my favorite things to decorate with my nature doodles. 🙂

Today I would like to give you some of those super simple nature pictures to draw. Now, don’t worry — you don’t have to be a fabulous artist to draw these neat nature pictures. I actually like to call them “nature doodles” because they are quick and fun.

In my video, I used just one color to make the doodles. That was mostly to make it easier for you to see what I was doing. (I tried drawing with green, and it did not want to show up. I tried drawing with red, and it smeared all over my whiteboard when I tried to erase it — that was strange. So, blue it was!)

When you draw your nature pictures (or nature doodles 😉 ), you may use as many colors as you would like.

Give them a try and see what you like best!

Here are some other projects that your nature doodles would go very nicely on:


Something for the Children #53: Simple nature pictures to draw — 6 Comments

  1. This is so cute! You know I have my youngest daughter draw about the meanings of Bible verses. She is a tween and not someone who is super talkative. But she can be deeply contemplative and is a fabulous artist. I find it helps deepen her understanding in a way that is better than just reading it aloud of me telling her the meaning.

    • Thank you, Julie. I think that’s awesome. At her age, illustrating Bible verses was definitely one of my favorite pastimes, too. 🙂

      I am glad you brought that up because, really, this is a great activity even for children who cannot yet read or write — and for some of us adults, too, for that matter! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Shelia,
    You always come up with the nicest ideas to teach Bible school. The explanation of the drawings are straight-forward enough that even the artistically-challenged can produce a beautiful picture. I also like the way you have connected these drawings to God’s creation. Thanks for sharing!

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