Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

This is not your average face…

caterpillar crawling on a child's hand

not your average face

…but the children sure love it!

These little creatures are incredibly abundant in our area this year.  They make huge, web-like nests in the trees–and end up killing that part of the tree.  Meanwhile, their “friends” are crawling all over the yard and up the sides of the house.  Sometimes they even hitch a ride on the cat and enjoy a few minutes indoors.

Their presence is a bit inconvenient, but it sure beats some other critter infestations I have seen in years past…and the children have found some very willing playmates. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces — 5 Comments

    • lol. 🙂
      My seven-year old had a whole pile of them that she collected to hold one day–that was a bit much for me! But she and my two-year-old especially are enjoying these guys.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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