Something for the Children #1: Sabbath Bag

Something for the Children #1: Sabbath Bag

A Sabbath Bag makes a simple, Sabbath fun activity for the little children.

Happy Sabbath!

On the seventh day of each week From time to time ;), I would like to post a little something for the children.  Today, I wanted to share a simple idea for an activity my own children have often enjoyed.  I keep a drawstring bag with a collection of small stuffed animals.  I keep my eye out for little ones that are reasonably realistic and try to find pairs for each type.  For example, two dogs, two birds, two giraffes, etcetera. 

It is fun (especially if you join in!) for the children to play about Creation or Noah’s Ark—a “great, big boat” is not too hard to find: a couch, a chair, the drawstring bag, an empty box—maybe even the children can fit in the boat, too!  Later, I will try to post a photo of our collection.

Update: The photo above shows much of the contents of our Sabbath Bag. Little Brother wanted to help show how it works. 🙂 We used an empty Rubbermaid-type tub for the boat. The lid made a perfect walkway ramp.

In the background is a cardboard car and trailer that Strawbriella made for him. He loves it!

You can find the story of Creation in Genesis 1 and 2; Noah is in Genesis 6–9.

Have a blessed day! 🙂

If the idea of the seventh day being the Sabbath is new to you, or if you would just like to learn more, there is a great site at  It’s worth checking out!

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